About LemonAnt

LemonAnt is currently me, Patrick Green, doing the things I love, helping those I think are needy, and dreaming of the big product that makes us all rich while saving the world. I like ideas, I have ten before breakfast, discard twenty by lunch, and build one a month(sometimes more)

Some of the things I do as part of brainstorming.

  • How do I know if this project/business is truly ready?
  • Do we really need to raise money or can we boot strap it?
  • How do I do a test run with real users?
  • Is this the first of its kind, or how can we compete?
  • Is our 'go to market' plan good enough?
  • How do we launch this and should we?

My Mission

Is to make leading edge, online businesses, build websites, prototype ideas and then put them through their paces. I aim to have fun, be creative, be daring, be bold. I understand that not all ideas fly, but they should all be hatched. I also know that all good ideas must die, so the truly great ones can live. I also value money very highly, and vow not to let my experiments get out of hand.

Join Me

I love new ideas, and I work hard to make them into reality, but I also need marketers, sales people, investors and laywers, accountants and thinkers as well as tinkerers. If you have talent, passion, ideas, money or skills, and want to join me, drop me a line, I am always glad to talk with real people.