My Story

The Lemon Ant has an interesting story and although I'm not an ant, and you're not a tree, you can see where im heading...

In Amazonia, Lemon Ants only live in Lemon Ant Trees, so the more Lemon Ant Trees there are, the happier the Lemon Ant is.  So the Lemon Ant prunes the surrounding tree leaves(with his lemon juice acid) to allow more light and less competition for the Lemon Ant Tree. Thus forming a symbiotic relationship with their host. When the tree propsers, the ant prospers.

So what this ant wants to do is help you make more money for your business, I'll help you build your online presence, cut your spend on "IT", attact more customers with useful apps and web content and turn your amazing ideas into reality. In return, when you make money, you can pay me. 

I've been a good worker ant all my life, ive learned lots of things, and have always been proactive to try help my employer be more efficient by solving process and technology problems.  I love the way technology in various forms can improve or complement a traditional business in ways we haven't thought of yet. 

Ive worked in a really wide range of industries, like Cattle and Sheep Stations, Surface and Underground Mining, Fluid Engineering, Online Stockbroking and Automotive Spare Parts plus have licenses for almost every vehicle I can get behind the wheel of, such as Private Pilots License, Large Motorcycle License, Semi-Trailer Truck License, Remote Controlled Mining Equipment License and nearly completed my Dangerous goods and Explosives tickets but thats another story. So with all that background, there's not much I can't figure out.

So feel free to contact me, tell me your dreams, pitch me your ideas, I wont bite :-). ideas @ lemonant